One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations is that of insider threats, which come in diverse and complex forms, and individuals with multiple motives. REINOSO CONSULTORS goes beyond the deliberate insider threat, with an innovative approach that also tackles the unconcious insider and crimes of deception.

Given the difficulty in the early detection and neutralisation of deceiving techniques used by social engineers, fraudsters and criminal organisations, awareness training is a crucial weapon for the company to combat human based and insider threats.

Protection against Insider Threat.

Our experts in security have extensive operational experience, applying Human Intelligence (HUMINT) techniques. Their principles are included in the company risk assessment, and we offer tailored guidance to organisations. These apply to areas such as counter-fraud, and bribery, financial crime, cyber-protection, and counter-terrorism.


Protection against malicious HUMINT practices.

With the aims of:

. Countering social engineering attempts, fraud and other crimes of deception where human vulnerabilities are used against your organisation
. Creating and enhancing the security culture in your company


Our key products are:

Awareness training courses against HUMINT attacks for employees and company managers, who will learn how to:

• Recognise a possible human based attack
• Handle suspicious requests and deflect elicitation
• Defend against HUMINT deceptions that threaten the security of their organisations.
• Report suspected attacks or behaviours without fear.
• Know and protect sensitive information
• Secure used of social media
• Conduct secure behaviour
• Implement security assessments for human risk factors.
• Promote alertness
• Mitigate personnel vulnerabilities with security awareness
• Etc.